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The Employment Advantage Guide to Career Change | taught by Natalia Josephs
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Natalia Josephs
Natalia Josephs

About the instructor

Natalia has created a number of programs for young people leaving school and entering workplaces and is a recognised leader in the development of practical and engaging programs for the 13 to 25 year age group.
Two of her programs have been recognised by the Curriculum and Standards Authority in WA and are used all over Australia to better assist young people making the change from education to work!
The Employment Advantage program teaches young people how to find work and thrive in the job market.
Developing Social Skills (for the Workplace) is designed to develop personal insight and social confidence.
Both programs have assisted thousands of young people to make a smoother transition from education to employment.

Our latest course helping today's workforce seek and manage their Career Changes in the ever-changing world of the Future of Work.

Course Contents

13 Audios
5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

What Is Career Change?
Preparing For Change and Influences On Change
Finding Your Raision D'etre
Positioning Yourself In The Job Market
Generational Influences When Changing Careers
Understanding Generations In The Workplace Is Important
The Job Application Process
Learning To Work Effectively With Diversity
Understanding Organisational Culture
The New World Of Work